Extra Guidelines for the hopeful re-opening on the 4th July. 

This date all depends obviously on the government’s guidelines, but we are extremely hopeful it will be the day!

The BH&HPA have been extremely helpful throughout the pandemic with assistance regarding the extra precautions which we should all take when we reopen. We are all in this together and have all been affected, so the more we can all do to help now, the quicker ‘normality’ will return.

Please show consideration to others and to the local community. We urge everyone to respect social distance in all contacts inside and outside the park.


• The caravan should only be used by members of the same family group.

• NO social gathering with friends.

• NO visitors will be allowed access to the park until further government guidance.

• A reminder that ‘holiday use only’ conditions continue to apply .

• Social distance to be maintained at all times from other owners.

• Social distance to be maintained at all times from park team members.

• Please inform us if you have symptoms of feeling unwell whilst at the park.


• The office will be open with social distancing marks and lines in place, no more than 2 people at a time please in the building.

•  There is a possibility of no central toilet or shower facilities open. We are waiting for additional guidance on this, we have plans in place if we can open them.

• Again, the possibility of no swimming pool initially or play areas. We are waiting for additional guidance on this, we have plans in place if we can open them.

•  GAS SALES, please call 01423 770050 to order and pay. Strictly between 8.30 – 17.30. Empty bottles to be left at the front of the unit and we will drop off the new bottle in the same place.

• We may only be able to have basic shop facilities, this may be run via the reception. For, the foreseeable future there will be no newspaper ordering.

•  Takeaway food can be delivered to the park but will have to be collected from outside the reception area.

• Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times on the park including, hygiene routines and ensure they observe social distancing.

• Parents should not permit children to enter the play area unaccompanied if it is opened, or when it is already occupied such that social distancing cannot be observed. This includes all areas of the park, whilst on bikes etc.


• Please bring your own supplies of food and drink to reduce reliance and congestion in local shops.

• A reminder that where an annual gas safety check is required it should be carried out as soon as possible if overdue.

• Please flush through water systems to clear out stagnant water, especially shower heads which should be held away from the face to avoid inhaling spray, it is recommended that all taps are opened for a good 5 mins each.

• All waste disposal should be double bagged, placed into the refuse bin. No other items should be left in the recycling area. Other objects must be taken home or to the local tip.

Please note as the law evolves and, hopefully, the pandemic is brought under closer control, this advice will be reviewed accordingly.