Prices 2019

Open 9th March – 3rd November 2019


(per night)


(per night)
Caravan/Motorhome, two people inc electric£18.00£25.00
Service Pitch (water and drainage)£20.50£27.50
Tent for two people inc electric£20.00£26.00
Tent for two people no electric£18.00£24.00
Children 3 and above£1.50£1.50
Extra Adult£4.00£4.00
Extra car£2.00£2.00
Caravan Awning/pup tent (max 2 man)£2.50£2.50
Tent extension£2.50£2.50
Gazebo (subject to space & pre-booking)£4.00£4.00

Swimming Pool under 16 years

Under 16 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Swimming Pool 16 years and above£2.00£2.00

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